Monday, August 30, 2010

The Precious: 2 Hours after Bedtime

Ken and I are very lucky. SO VERY LUCKY. We are humbly grateful every day to the Universe to have a child who took to sleeping through the night starting at three months and abiding a reasonable schedule.

But from three months to nine months of age, I thought at any moment the other shoe was going to drop and Sidney would realize "Oh, you mean other kids don't really do this so early and so well? Yeah, I was just kidding." Like "Fight Club," in those beginning months, the first rule of Sidney's sleep habits, you do not talk about Sidney's sleep habits.

Now that we are almost at a year old, I have become much more caviler about this schedule as it has seemed to gel. While there have been some interruptions due to sickness, travel and a rare bad dream, the girl rocks it. So I have become very covetous of the 2 hours after her bedtime which are filled with so much possibility. I mean I can do ANYTHING. I can watch TV, I can call people, I can surf the Internet, I can listen to podcasts, I can write blog entries, I can read fan fiction (my new thing)... I can even go to the bathroom with the door closed and not be interrupted. (TMI, well I have a feeling that is only going to get worse.)

But what I do tend to do is consume media. I cruise my Facebook, look at all the blogs I follow, catch up on the Daily Show & a few celebrity gossip websites. Or sometimes I just follow a tangent about something I want to know more about and down I go into the rabbit hole that is the Internet. Earlier to day it was "BHT (the preservative)." Last night it was "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." The night before, "Lady Gaga." Then just like that, I look up and my 2 hours are over. It's time to go to bed and see what the precious 2 hours tomorrow will have in store.

(Right now my Mother is saying, "you better be spending those precious hours getting my retirement party video done.")

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