Friday, July 30, 2010

Oregon Coast Trip

(Also seen on Sidney's Page)

Our yearly tradition of heading to the Oregon coast for some R&R with Nana's family continued, this time with the Miss Sidney.  The added challenge of baby-proofing a house with gates that were not fitting correctly had me on edge but mainly things went well.   Everyone cooked/supplied a meal, there was the crabbing ritual for the guys, the outlet shopping ritual for the gals and, new this year, a campfire on the beach.

Unfortunately both Mommy and Daddy caught a viral illness.  Mommy picked it up before the trip and was mostly recovered upon traveling, but Daddy got hit hardest while at the coast.  Needless to say, neither got as much of a "vacation" as they would have liked but thankfully by the time Daddy traveled to California the next week for work, he was almost fully recovered.  The worst part was that Nana who was a week from retiring, caught this awful bug so her last week at work required her to manage this illness too.  Nasty bug!

Baby in carrier, drink in hand.  Sounds about right.

Mom making a delicious salad

Nerds on holiday.  Everyone playing a word puzzle.

Girl on the move!

Mommy and Sidney clapping

Grandma Cindy and Nana Linda on a beach walk.

Momma & Sidney beach walking

Come closer so I can take that from you.

Beach camp fire time.  How do you keep a mobile baby on the blanket?

Daddy...not feeling so great but looking handsome.

Unkie Austin and Sidney chilling out.

Extreme close up

The Sickies on the beach together for the first time.

Nana tries to contain the bibbed ball of energy.

Campfire reflections

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Reluctant Babyproofing

We started with one collapsible gate and a bumper around the coffee table, then putting some things up on higher shelves and installing two more semi-permanent gates. We then moved the wine rack behind the couch and have secured the outlets. Since not everything can be gated or raised, we have also taken to barricading and blocking access to cords or things that can be pulled over. We are also watching vigilantly to see if she takes interest in cords, plants and the toilet. But unfortunately for the cat, we cannot baby proof him and he remains quite fascinating to Sidney.

All of this broke through a few weeks ago when she started crawling. Our house is under siege and looks to remain so until further notice.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Parenting Poetry

A few days ago I sent an email to some friends who are moms, explaining how I couldn't make a lunchtime concert at the park because I do Stroller Strides that day and by the time it's over "Momma then needs a shower and a meat sandwich." This sparked Sarah's creative juices and she wrote a whole poem that wonderfully captures the joys and frustrations of the first weeks of parenthood. I wanted to publish it here as a tribute to her, the things we do for our kids and because unfolding a diaper is so totally like unfolding a prayer.

"Mommy Needs a Shower and a Meat Sandwich"
Inspired by Kali Sakai

Momma needs a shower and a meat sandwich.
Because Momma stayed up with you until 2am last night when you were sick.
She bounced you on the yoga ball until her backache filled the darkness.
She stroked your head while you cried.
She turned the hot water on in the shower until it filled with steam.
Then, she stood there on the wet tiles, rocking you, whispering,
Until your ragged breathing slowed and you sunk into her arms with the weight of your dreams.

Momma needs a shower and a meat sandwich.
Because Momma's nipples have bruised and peeled for you.
They have been greasy with lanolin and leaked on the bed sheets.
Her breasts have become swollen and rock hard,
But, Momma keeps them open around the clock whenever you are hungry.
In your first year, they will produce enough milk to fill two oil barrels.
Each ounce, more precious to her than gold.
After one pumping,
When the freezer bag tips over,
And she watches a day’s supply splatter over the floor,
Momma mops up the disaster with a towel,
Sobbing wet tears,
Over spilled milk.

Momma needs a shower and a meat sandwich.
Because, as Momma stoops over the changing table,
Wondering why King County sent her a brochure yesterday saying you will go through about 10 diapers a day.
Because, after all, it's only 11am,
And you have already gone through 12 in the last eight hours.
Sometimes, you go through three at a time,
Like when Momma, groggy in bed, hears Daddy cuss,
And mumble-shout, "I'm out of runway!"
Meaning you have pooped three times,
In one changing.
So, Mommy fumbles out of bed into your nursery,
Where three spots of green, liquid poo,
Stain the changing table.
Each a few inches apart,
Marking the trail where Daddy scooted you down,
As the frustration built.
And so, Mommy lifts you into her arms,
While Daddy stretches a fresh cloth over the table.
And then,
They work together,
Silently wiping your folds clean,
Patting you dry,
Covering the raw patch of your diaper rash with ointment,
Then unfolding another white diaper,
Like a prayer,
And offering it to you in their sacred night time ritual.

And after that,
Mommy and Daddy definitely need a shower and a meat sandwich.

-Sarah Waller

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Elephants: Spaceless In Seattle

Ken has poured a lot of time and passion into finding ways to get out the message that the 3 elephants in the Woodland Park Zoo are not doing too well and should go to an Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Through all the info and meetings, the information has been interesting but all over the place. Finally he has put together a very compelling and irrefutable case of exactly why. It's ~4 minutes long. It's eye-opening and worth the time.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Singla, Party of 3

Beautiful Asha Singla was born this morning and we could not be happier for Sam & Suzanne. As for all our new parent friends, we hope the first days/weeks go smoothly. We'll be bringing you some sandwich wraps soon!