Saturday, December 25, 2010

And now a message about moving...

How do I say this without sounding like I'm complaining? Oh I don't know if that's possible.

I am grateful that we are moving. I am grateful for our new home. But moving sucks, especially with a baby. Not only have we amassed way more stuff than we thought, but trying to pack and organize with a 15-month-old is like trying to do something that takes a lot of focus and time while keeping a rabid monkey entertained. We were able to have her go to the daycare for two days while Ken and I tried to cram all the packing into that "free time" but it just wasn't enough. The next day we had her around all day so we "tag-team parented" where one of us packed boxes while the other watched Sidney. Lately though she had been very clingy and always has to have an eye on us. It got to the point where she just wanted to be held and guess how hard it is to pack and hold a 25 pound toddler at the same time? So I broke out the carrier and we papoose-styled it for a while which really worked by giving her the closeness she needed while I could get some packing done. Eventually she was over it and wanted down.

We got 90% of the house packed before we took a break for the holiday. Crazy times. We resume the packing/prep tomorrow. Go team!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Partying

Scenes from last night's holiday party @ Pacific Science Center. I especially liked the butterfly house--I had never been in there before. The Goog always throws a nice party and it was fun let loose a little.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

On the Move

I've been MIA through November until now because we are/have been in the midst of buying a new home. The prospect of starting this process back in October was good given housing prices, interest rates and knowing that a larger home is needed. However, I kind of overlooked the fact that it would drop us smack in the middle of the holidays when we'd have to, you know, PACK & MOVE all of our stuff. And keep a small child entertained and alive at the same time.
Being a planner myself, you would think that this function of packing would be underway. I think the holiday functions of gift acquisition, card distribution and a slight up tick in social engagements, has contributed to us gathering boxes and packing supplies but no formal packing started. Part of this is the terror that we will possibly need something for the child. The other is simply not knowing where to start (Ken would say tchotchkes first--all of them). So it's paralyzing and stupid. Also the negotiation, coordination and processing of the new purchase is a full time job, especially because there have been some repairs and contractors to oversee at the new place. We will keep this house as a rental so there is that added element to keep track of too. Bottomline: This operation is not for the faint of heart. (It doesn't help either that Ken keeps having to travel for work lately.)
The good news is that all of the Christmas shopping (as anemic as it is) was completed this week and everything is now wrapped. Christmas cards went out today and Ken's awesome work holiday party was last night. With the prospect of having grandparents up here in the next week, childcare providers on some of the other days and Ken off starting from 12/17, there should be no reason to get this massive project underway.
We move right after Christmas and **fingers-crossed** everything will be good to go. That will be my Christmas Miracle.