Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween 2010

(Also on Sidney's Page)

This was the scene on Market Street yesterday between 3-5pm.  It marked our first "official" taste of Halloween as parents (last year doesn't really count, she was only 7 weeks).  We marveled at the throngs of costumed children (and adults) as well as observed the unabashed appetite for free candy inspired by this holiday.  The Testas accompanied us on this journey, after which we enjoyed some tacos and cider at our house.  Like you do.

This dude was pretty rad.  Also very skilled at dodging small humans running around his legs.

Market Street, it's on!

Prince Max as the Garden Gnome

Watching some street performers with Daddy

First Trick-or-Treating experience holding her own bucket, on her own feet.

Later back at the house, we received a handful of trick-or-treaters and then we ventured out to about 3 neighbors' houses just to say hi.  One of them really does a "production" each Halloween that thus far did not disappoint.  I was sure to announce that we had little kids with us since we were being directed toward the garage and I could only assume something was going to jump out--and it did.  But Sidney and Emmy (whose parents were also with us) were unfazed.  But now we have lots of candy left over.  I wonder what we should do with it...