Monday, September 02, 2013

Baby Shower Accomplished

Saturday, we celebrated our good friend Sarah and her imminent arrival.  Briahna and I co-hosted, with Ronica assisting on day-of.  The theme was a tea party and naturally I looked on Pinterest & Etsy for some inspiration.  We catered tea sandwiches, tea and a DELICIOUS cake from the Queen Mary Tea Room.  Superb eats!

The husbands also had a hand in helping make this event a success.  Ken helped fluff the puff balls and hang them from high places, Wilson arranged the flowers and filled the tea bags while Travis assembled all the fruit kabobs and mixed the chocolate.  All of that sounds vaguely risque but it really wasn't, I swear.

I feel like I should explain what you are about to see.  So when we were planning this shower, Sarah said she wanted THIS cake that she saw on  First of all that site is full of cakes that you have to see to believe.  Second that particular cake that Sarah was so fond of featured Darth Vader and we were planning a girly tea party themed gathering.  But my mantra has always been: Sarah gets what Sarah wants.  And good thing we have the Internet.  So we took a perfectly good cake and made it bizarre.  What's not to love?

Besides celebrating Sarah and giving her good juju (and loot) for the rest of her pregnancy, this house transformed itself from a toddler wasteland into a fairly respectable home that looked like adults live here.  Good to know we can still pull that off.

Ronica with Stormtrooper ring.