Friday, July 30, 2010

Oregon Coast Trip

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Our yearly tradition of heading to the Oregon coast for some R&R with Nana's family continued, this time with the Miss Sidney.  The added challenge of baby-proofing a house with gates that were not fitting correctly had me on edge but mainly things went well.   Everyone cooked/supplied a meal, there was the crabbing ritual for the guys, the outlet shopping ritual for the gals and, new this year, a campfire on the beach.

Unfortunately both Mommy and Daddy caught a viral illness.  Mommy picked it up before the trip and was mostly recovered upon traveling, but Daddy got hit hardest while at the coast.  Needless to say, neither got as much of a "vacation" as they would have liked but thankfully by the time Daddy traveled to California the next week for work, he was almost fully recovered.  The worst part was that Nana who was a week from retiring, caught this awful bug so her last week at work required her to manage this illness too.  Nasty bug!

Baby in carrier, drink in hand.  Sounds about right.

Mom making a delicious salad

Nerds on holiday.  Everyone playing a word puzzle.

Girl on the move!

Mommy and Sidney clapping

Grandma Cindy and Nana Linda on a beach walk.

Momma & Sidney beach walking

Come closer so I can take that from you.

Beach camp fire time.  How do you keep a mobile baby on the blanket?

Daddy...not feeling so great but looking handsome.

Unkie Austin and Sidney chilling out.

Extreme close up

The Sickies on the beach together for the first time.

Nana tries to contain the bibbed ball of energy.

Campfire reflections

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