Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Fun in Vancouver

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Well the fun didn't stop once we returned from the Oregon Coast. No sir. We took Daddy to the airport so he could go to CA on business and we stayed in Vancouver with Grandpa.

Grandpa liked riding in the back so he could be Mr. Entertainment. This worked out quite well. And then we came in from the car after this and Sidney had a major blowout diaper that Grandpa discovered as he was carrying her. It was everywhere. We had to just hose her down in the kitchen sink as I was stripping off poopy clothing. How did it get that bad? Mommy should have changed her diaper at the restaurant where we had dinner but she forgot and then we didn't go straight home like she assumed we would. Just glad Grandpa can deal with poo.

The next day we went over to Bev's and she played with Sidney on the floor with some of Ben & Jamie's old toys.  She read Sidney the cool new book she bought her and we just enjoyed a lovely afternoon at the house.  Sidney really loved all the space and carpeted floor to crawl around on.  

That night, Grandpa did Mommy a solid and babysat while she went out with two friends from high school who also have young daughters.  We drank, laughed, ate and talked about our babies (only a little about our husbands) and it was an absolute hoot.  This is at the Laurelwood Pub in Battle Ground.  Good times.

On our last full day in Vancouver, we had the best time with my high school chum Amy and her three super awesome children.  Somehow I only got pictures of two of them (the boy eluded the camera somehow).  But the two girls seemed to really like entertaining Ms Sidney and squeezing her cheeks (!).  It's so funny because people always comment on them.  They are squeezable and kissable.  Anyway, Elise and Olivia were charming as ever and made up a little dance to entertain Sidney.  We strolled around the WSUV campus, the kids played in the fountain and Amy & I got to chat.  

Staying some extra days, especially into the week, allowed me/us to spend more time hanging out with people we don't normally get to see in a weekend visit.  It was really pleasant and I think I will do more of it especially when Ken is traveling for work.

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