Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Official: Mom Retires

Last weekend we were down in the Rose City to celebrate the much awaited retirement party for Mother. I think this event has been in planning for oh, about a year. Perhaps I exaggerate, but only a little. Mom had definite ideas about what she wanted and Cindy, Angela & I did our best to bring it to life.

And it's not for the lack of trying to be on top of things but I/Ken managed to forget the amplifier and microphone we promised to bring down so we ended up renting one that was so huge.  But it did the job and everyone could hear the speeches which is what we wanted.  It never fails these days: I will forget something for our roadtrip down to Vancouver/Portland every time.  Well let's just don't forget the minky/satin blanket that Sidney sleeps with.  We will be in major irreplaceable trouble if that ever happens...

Personally, I have not been to any retirement parties in my life so I had no concept of what they were supposed to be like. Evidently they have become a pretty major event that, not unlike weddings, have flowers, food, speeches, decoration and drama. (Well not as much drama as a wedding.) But on the day of we arrived at the venue (the gem of a park in N Portland) called Peninsula Park it was on. I turned into Bossy McBossy and did what I do best: tell people what to do. Luckily everyone was amenable to that. But clearly a lot of planning and staging of needed items on Cindy's part made being on-location/setup smooth. Angela's eye for decoration and attention to detail made it beautiful.

This event occurred on the only day they had rain in 2 weeks (wtf) so it was a little wet and chilly at the beginning but turned out to be a gorgeous day. The speeches were sweet and the food (except for the crab cake with dijon + horseradish--yucky!) was delish. Mom's friend Maria made homemade baklava and while I am not easily impressed with exotic pastries---oh one of the ingredients must have been magic or some addictive substance because it was that good. Ken was on all-day Sidney duty while I helped with the setup and then guerrilla photo/videoed the event. I know my mother will be sad to know I have not even looked at the footage yet, but I WILL. Until then, here's pics from the event.

Austin also a big help for the set up was in charge of sanitizing the venue.

Mom and Cindy.  Mom with food in her mouth...naturally.

Fourth picture in a series that these two couldn't get their faces to work right.

Co-workers from mom's former team @ Kaiser.

The Swerdlik Family

Ms. Sidney falls in love with the purple streamers.

Sidney wants mom's former Mult. Co. boss Donna to know where the purple streamers are.

Sue, Angela & Mom make admire the food table.

Mom's most recent boss Diana presents her with a gift and kind words.

Donna takes a turn with some thoughts.

Brian and Fred from her Mult. Co. days share some memories.

Mom says a few words to her guests.

Us with the Queen Bee.

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ruby said...

Thanks for the nice write-up and shared pics. It was a lovely day for me, and you all worked together to make it happen so beautifully.
Love you much,