Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First World Problem: Baby Doll

In the scheme of things, this is inconsequential but I'm not sure what to do.

We'd like to get a baby doll for Sidney and now you can find them in every race.  Clearly she looks 95% white and has blue eyes so I could safely go with the standard blue eyes, light skin, blond hair dolls that are easily found.  But part of me feels we should pay homage to her/my ethnicity a little.  Since I could find no hapa dolls, I found these two that are interesting:

This is (obviously) an Asian doll and looks pretty cool.  But it doesn't look a bit like Sidney.

This is a Hispanic doll but looks more like Sidney.  Though it has brown eyes and I assume darker hair. 

And this is the standard Caucasian doll which looks just like the Hispanic one, except slightly lighter skin and blue eyes... So I don't know.  What should we do?


Melanie said...

okay, this is weird...and definately expensive for a first baby doll - but have you seen the American Girl 'My American Girl' dolls? You go on their website and pick the eye color, hair color, and hair style - along with 'light skin', 'medium skin', or 'dark skin'.

Sarah said...

As a girl never into dolls, I say get her a lifelike shark toy instead.
Have you heard this episode of This American Life? If not, you have got to check out act 3. It's one of my favorite pieces of radio and all about "adopting" the perfect baby doll...

Ken Moore said...

Wow, the Caucasian doll looks EXACTLY like the Hispanic doll to me, not sure why that's the case. Even the Asian doll has very pale skin and doesn't look extremely Asian (I'm not sure I could pick her out in a line-up ;) ... but let's go with the Asian one, at least it's a little different.