Thursday, August 05, 2010

Making a Case for Drive Thru

Before I had a child, I regarded using the drive thru as something teenagers or lazy people do.  I thought, how freaking hard is it to go into a fast food place and order your meal?  Get some exercise and have a little dignity.  When I noticed the local Walgreens had a pharmacy drive thru, I was all, People, what is the hardship?  Park and walk in.  And when I saw the drive thru at Starbucks?  Eye roll.

Oh silly, judgmental, non-parent me.  Those were the days.

Flash forward.  Oh sweet heaven, I wish every business establishment had a drive thru.  I'd even settle for curb service and I'd play extra for it.   Now that I have a child on a nap schedule, a car seat I must buckle and unbuckle her out of every time we stop and Sidney's ticking-time-bomb tolerance level for errands of approximately 2 hours--I scheme about how to be the most time efficient.  Bottom line: we could save lots of time by not leaving the car.

Banks get this.  Fast food gets this and a few others do too.  But how about the grocery store, Bartells, decent restaurants, the post office, the hardware store, the drycleaners, etc?  I actually got a clerk at our local hardware store to come out by dialing them from the parking lot.  He brought out the spool of weed wacker cord I needed and we did the transaction right there.  (I couldn't bring myself to wake her after a long day at Co-op and she finally was sleeping.)  I thanked him profusely and wondered if I could get other places to do this.  I tried it again today with the lady at the teriyaki place but it didn't go over well.  I almost went to Wendy's but thought better of it. She said it would be ready in 5 minutes and then I could come in and get it like everyone else.  Again, sleeping baby in the car.  I left the car & A/C running, ran in, urgently handed her the money and grabbed my lunch.  No tip for you.

Being a parent has definitely changed my perspective and we can chalk this one up to "things I now want more than anything that I once thought were stupid."

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Melanie said...

There is now a grocery service in town called "retail relay" - they run around to all of your stores for you and then you just pick up your groceries from their truck at a scheduled time. Expensive...but sounds heavenly!