Sunday, September 05, 2010

Goodbye Summer BBQ

This was our first major BBQ/House party since Ken's 40th Extravaganza. Oh what a difference a few years has made!  The most obvious is that we are now parents but the second most obvious is that so is everybody else. The Tomassi-Nunnelly clan kicked it all off five years ago and for the longest time they were pretty much the only ones (and the Riches) at our parties who had kids.  Flash forward to today, literally everyone had a kid.

Some of these families we see pretty regularly, but some we don't.  It made me long for more time with these folks and wish that we could chat more often.  I feel like the pre-pro I did for the party helped me be able to focus on Sidney and her needs.  Prior to the party, Ms. Sidney slipped and her sharp lower teeth cut into her upper gums/palette.  She was bleeding from the mouth the entire party.  She looked like a little vampire in training.  So specifically for that reason, I kept her in the carrier so that she would keep her bloody hands off things and not be putting her hands on the ground, which in turn go in her mouth.  The injury was minor but she bled on her clothes and many washcloths/burp rags.  Crazy.

Ken manned the grill and kept everyone fed.  He had been watching Sidney prior to sparking the grill.  That gave me just enough time to make sure most stuff was in order.  But I used to think being a hostess splintered your attention and ability to converse---not even.  While trying to feed Sidney her bottle as she was sitting in the carrier facing me, she kept whacking me in the cheek with it.  I actually thought that would be a chance for me to talk for once.  Nope.  It's good for us to see what it takes to do a large party.  As we learned in Hawaii, a babysitter or family member would have been ideal.  Next time.

Top 5 thoughts about babies/children + parties.

1. Booze and babies can go together.  You just have to try hard enough.

2, If you can complete a sentence without being interrupted, that's good.  If you can feed a baby and maintain a conversation, then you deserve a metal.  

3. You're not going to be the one deciding when it's time to go.  Hunger, Tiredness, Boredom or Over-Stimulation will do that for you.  And it will be earlier than you think.

4. A landscaped backyard becomes an unintended minefield of danger or an endless opportunity for discovery--depending on your perspective (i.e. age).  Did you know we have a sandbox in our flagstone patio?  Neither did we.

5. Don't sweat it.  We're all parents now.  We all know how challenging that is alone, then add throwing a party on top of that.  Make it easy on yourself--use signs, put out extra garbage bags, make sure the coolers are full of beer, know some "yes" RSVPs will flake and of course you will overbuy stuff no matter what the Evite says. 

Most importantly, here are some of the beautiful families we had the pleasure of seeing today.  Not pictured are Ian, Christina & Emmy.

Scott, Owen, Jamie & baby girl due in November

Amanda, Loren, Ivy & Tristan plus a slice of cheese

Sean, Max & Shannon

Aideen, Jack , Volley (not pictured)

Joe, Tracy, Stella & Owen

Michael, Debbie, Helen & Andrew

Sharon, Dave & Dave Jr.


Sam, Suzanne & Asha

Later that night....
Daddy barely makes it through the magic tunnel of fun.  Up Next: Bath time!

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