Monday, December 10, 2007

Wicked Whirlwind Weekend

Over the weekend, Ken and I battled various forms of sickness. I recovered from a head cold which slowly released its firm grip on my poor sinuses, while Ken jousted with feeling "on the verge" of being sick. But despite this, we kept our full social schedule and interacted with lots of children--because we're reckless like that. First up, Friday night...tired of looking at our sad, naked Christmas Tree, we pulled all the decorations out of the boxes and gave it a proper dressing. Here we are fussing with lighting options because the nuclear flash was much too harsh. Saturday, Dad came up on the train for a mere 5 hours to attend a demonstration/talk by our family friend and master wood worker Joel Shepard. We then showed him what heaven looks like and took him to Whole Foods in Bellevue. Then to kill more time we went to Uwajimaya over by the train station. It was Grocery Store Tour '07. (Why the hell not?) Then we got to meet Princess Hannah Vaslow (age 7 weeks). What a lovely little bean she is. And her parents are so happy and knowledgeable, despite being a little sleep deprived. Sunday, we celebrated Brendan Rich's 2nd birthday and oddly enough, I didn't digitally capture any of the hilarious tissue paper throwing, old-man dancing or other crazy hijinks that a room full of 2-year-olds can muster. By the time we left, I needed a nap but I did better than that and got a Mayan abdominal massage. It was much needed and much awesome. When I returned home, I made (gasp!) organic meatless chili from scratch since we are looking to put more bean protein in our diets. The whole house smelled like chili powder, fried onions and cooked tomatoes. Not a bad thing unless you're trying to fast for a cholesterol blood draw and can't eat anything starting at 8 pm until after 9 am the next day...but I survived. If you're wondering, the chili turned out well--so said Ken and his friend Dave of Salisbury, Maryland who is visiting us for a week during (the US leg of) his "Self-Introspection" tour. No rest for the wicked.

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Danny V. said...

If I planned everything right, then Hannah will be doing this for me when I'm an old man! Hey woman, fetch me my bottle!