Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Belated Christmas Y'all!

We've been down in Van/Port visiting family and friends since Saturday. Lovely Eve and Xmas dinners with mom's side of the family. Santa was good to me this year and more importantly, he made a surprise visit to Mom's Christmas Eve gathering. He brought presents specifically for Mom's friends' 6-year-old daughter who eyed Santa (my uncle Randy incognito) very suspiciously. But I think the art set and ornament softened her a bit. It's surprising how fun that is to propagate the myth of Santa. I've ruminated on if that is a cruel thing to do to a child but it sure is magical right up to the point when you figure it out or are told by some asshole kid on the playground.

I will remain here until Saturday but Ken needed to get back to Seattle to return to work. So I dropped him off at the Vancouver Amtrak Depot at 6pm this evening. I just got off the phone with him around 11pm to find out that he was still in-fact in Vancouver. Due to mechanical issues and other problems, they did not have a viable train until just moments ago. So instead of getting into Seattle at around 9:45pm as predicted, he'll get in sometime closer to 3am. I believe Mr. Ken will be writing a letter...

Sorry no pics, I neglected to pack a USB cable.
Thanks to Mother for letting me use her computer for this entry.

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