Sunday, December 30, 2007

Best Gift for a Cat (ever)

I heard about an irresistable must-have for cat owners on This American Life (Episode #154 which re-aired in late October). Video Catnip is "the world's best selling home video for cats" showing various shots of birds and squirrels with outdoor, ambient sound. I immediately thought our little fuzz ball must have his very own DVD copy for Christmas. At first, I thought I struck out because he wouldn't even look at the TV. I even stood up by the TV screen thinking maybe he'd look in my general direction and notice the nice juicy birds and squirrels, but no dice. I eventually gave up and trudged upstairs and left the DVD running. But after leaving him alone for 30 minutes, something changed. He seemed mesmerized by the images flickering across the screen. This is how we found him: Does this mean we now have to share the remote? Or just expect fierce competition for our evening TV programming?

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