Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dane Cook, a week later

(Photos by Juliana S.)

Back on Thursday November 29th, Ken and I went to see Dane Cook. The couple sitting next to us took some amazing pictures and forwarded them to me yesterday. Being so close (7th row)was just a thrill--we could see the whites of his eyes and his spittle as he enunciated or made sound effects. In concert, he is a constantly moving ball of frenetic energy. He did new material and some classics. I was so hoping for the "BK Lounge/Drive Thru" bit but no dice. He was great and I swore he looked right at us a few times.

I admit before the show started, I was a little nervous for 5 reasons:
1. The crowd was almost all early-20-somethings & college kids
2. I realized I am 10 years older than most college kids
3. I realized I cannot hang with college kids. I find them ridiculous.
4. Someone didn't plan their buzz very well and vomited in the next row before the show started. Smelled great.
5. The whole thing started an hour late because only half the arena showed up at time on the ticket (but at least there was no lame opener to sit through.)

But once Dane took the stage, everything was fine. The magic of Dane Cook brings people together. Oh, except for the psycho guy who jumped on stage during the performance and wanted to "trade shirts" with Dane. I'm like, 'where the hell is security?' Most of them just stood around not doing anything. Dane finally got this guy to the edge of the stage and then they realized they should do their job and hauled him out. What a night.

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