Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dave was here.

So this is Dave. He's an old friend of Ken's who paid us a visit for the last week here in cold, rainy Seattle. It was extra cold and extra rainy. Or so Dave thought. Over the course of the week, we had occasion to eat at Cedar's the best Indian restaurant in Seattle, sing karaoke in the basement, become "Pho Buddies," witness a pants-less Santa strolling down Market Street, eat at La Isla the best Puerto Rican restaurant in Seattle, derive "more hit-o" from mojito and rock out on X-Box's Rock Band at Ken's co-worker's house. And Ken and I managed to work too.
Oliver and Dave co-habitated our basement that whole time and grew quite fond of each other. So much so that Oliver has been despondently wandering the house as if to say, "Oh great, I have to deal with you people again? Bring back the funny guy."

Le sigh.

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