Friday, December 21, 2007

Coug BB Romp

Last night we enjoyed a non-conference ("exhibition") game showcasing the green and flat-footed Citadel team against our favorite, undefeated, #6-in-the-nation Cougs. Annihilation ensued. It was a GREAT night full of laughter and stories with old friends. I learned where Brett "Jo-Jo" Jungbluth got his nickname (from a pencil eraser) and that Hampel thus dubbed himself "Hasselhoffigon" over 10 years ago in a mythology class. (Even now, I am still learning something about these crazy guys.) And Jenny was the first person to introduce me to Phad Thai and here we were eating it together 13 years later. Ah the memories. Sam's brother, sister-in-law & baby nephew, Kavi, were able to join us from Balimore and Kavi seemed to enjoy himself after he got settled. A fabulous night all around. I think this will become one of our yearly traditions.

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