Monday, September 12, 2011

Radio GaGa

This all started after a "girls night out" with Sarah to the storytelling event.  After a stiff gin and tonic, I was regaling her of stories Ken should tell about his life.  He seems so mild-mannered yet he has this crazy creative energy that sends him off in directions you couldn't even conceive of.  Things which one just has to live through to be believed.  This is one of those stories.

This piece aired on KUOW last Saturday at Noon:  "Adventures in New Parenthood: Scambaiting"

(Kudos to Sarah for taking two very different narrators with very different points of view on this event and weaving them together so masterfully.)

Many of my friends who heard this puzzled as to why I wasn't more upset by it all.  Why didn't I scoop up the baby and take off for my mother's house?  Here's the answers:

1. If you know you partner and love them, nothing good will come from crushing their "spark," in this case, Ken's creativity.  You have to figure out how to work with it and coexist.  Otherwise, why are you with that person?

2. As new parents, the mother (very rightly) gets a lot of support and attention.  However, new dads can be just as discombobulated yet they are expected to just buck up and participate.  It can be thankless and feel very out of control.  And that can make you do some crazy things.

As someone who is no longer sleep deprived or detoxing from hormones, it seems very logical that  a new dad may seek out something he can do that is all his own and in his complete control.  You hope that it manifests itself in playing his guitar or drawing a picture or playing a video game or going out for a beer.  But then again when it turns out he's saving some naive online granny from a Nigerian scammer--as mad and incredulous as you may be--you can't help be just a little bit proud.

But maybe that's just me.

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