Friday, September 02, 2011

O Canada! Part 4, More Banff, Canmore & Lake Louise

Oops! I forgot to hit "publish" on this about a week ago. Some truly epic pics to round out our trip. One of our only rainy days during the trip was our return to Banff when we looked at the Falls and the Fairmont Hotel.  My unending search for fine Canadian clam chowder lead us to a fancy lounge inside the Banff Fairmont where we enjoyed a fancy lunch of soup and antipasti.  I wish Ken and I had been feeling better during this trip because we didn't get to do one real hike but hopefully we'll return when Sidney is older to do it properly.

Banff Falls

Fairmont Hotel: Banff Springs

From the highway

Lake Louise

From the highway

Canmore Playfield

From Canmore looking North

From Canmore looking West

Banff Gopher

Banff Gopher coming this way

Looking north from Banff Gondola

Looking west from Banff Gondola

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