Saturday, September 17, 2011

Birthday BBQing

Last weekend we celebrated Sidney's 2nd birthday by coupling it with our annual BBQ.  Mom, Cindy, Dad and Ann all came up for the festivities and we took on an ambitious challenge of providing all the food for once (instead to doing potluck sides).  I won't lie, it was a lot of prep but the meal was in-harmony with itself and all hit the table at the same time which is a risk with a potluck.  Naturally we had way more food than we needed but it was fine.  With roughly 14 kids here, things were high energy and no toy was left unplayed-with. (Except cup and monkey who were safely sequestered in Sidney's room--we can share but but some things are sacred.)

It became clear to me as I was watching the older (4-6 yr old) kids playing that they are a bit harder on toys and take much greater risks than the 2 year olds.  Things that hadn't even occurred to me like the fact you could climb up on top of the playhouse or careen around the lower garden a high speed on the scooter or throw the dodge ball hard enough to hurt someone or whatever.  These are just normal kids pushing the boundaries and seeing where the limits of behavior but it does catch me by surprise when you're used to what toddlers do as compared to what "big kids" do.

Overall though, it was a beautiful day that we were grateful to share with our family and close friends.

All these fantastic photos were shot by Cindy.

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