Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ken quoted in Financial Times Article

Mr. Ken, who wishes he had more time in a day or could clone himself to pursue all of his musical interests, hang out with the family, do his work and run marathons, will just have to settle for our measly 24 hour days.  But he does find time to tinker with technology.

Do you know the adage, "When you're a hammer everything looks like a nail"?  When you are Ken Moore, everything looks like a Theremin.  Case in point: the Wii Theremin & the Kinect Theremin.

Well someone at the Financial Times in London took notice and spoke to him.  Here Ken is quoted in the article, "Sonic Boom." It's about how new technology is influencing musical instruments.  Yay, Ken!

Update: I forgot to mention that a music man's work is never done.  When we were in Ohio/Virginia earlier this year, Ken was inspired to build his own web drum machine software.  You can make beats yourself and you don't even have to be musical (like me.)  It's great fun to play around with.  Click the image to see it.

[Note: You have to have the latest version of the Chrome Browser to run this app. So make sure you do--link for latest update is HERE.]

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ruby said...

I read the article. Impressed.
You go Ken!