Monday, September 26, 2011

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease Strikes

So what's new with us?  Not much except, Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (NOT to be confused with "foot and mouth" disease that animals get.)  Whatever you do, don't Google the term "Hand Foot and Mouth Disease" and look at the images.  You will not like it.  (But if you did just look and compare them to the pictures below, you will realize that we could have done a lot worse.  So we are thankful.  Yes, we sure are.)

Oddly enough, this nasty little pathogen targets kids but is not actually a big deal according to pediatricians.  While there is no vaccine or antibiotics, it's just an uncomfortable & unsightly illness. But make no mistake, it is highly contagious as long as there is a fever and/or bodily fluid from the blisters or anything else that makes contact with a non-infected kid.  I guess this virus races through daycare centers and playgroups because it also incubates for a few days before you even know you took it home as a souvenir.

As of today there are little blisters on Sidney's hands, feet, bum and mouth.  The bum and the mouth are the worst--of which there are no pictures.  Poor little thing has a giant sore on the bottom of her tongue so eating has been tough.  Behold the carnage:

Luckily I remembered we have a blender and that smoothies are pretty easy to make: just put some fruit, plain yogurt, banana, milk and ice in the blender---awesome.  Sidney gives Hand Foot and Mouth Disease a big smack right in the face while sipping a smoothie no less.

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Anne said...

I think we've had this 3 times at our house. You're right, not a big deal, but definitely uncomfortable for them. What's up with the super scary name though?!? Can't they change it to something like the Tiny Blister Virus?