Sunday, October 24, 2010

OMG it's BSG @ EMP

Could this week get any more exciting?  From seeing Alan Wilder at the Triple Door to spotting Dave Matthews shopping for pet food to a weekend-long visit from my cousin Angela to the Battlestar Galactica Exhibition in Seattle--Woot!   The EMP/SFM is hosting this world premiere event that opened this weekend.  To kick things off, they had the creators of the original BSG and the re-imagined version as well as some of the notable actors on hand to celebrate and be on panels Saturday.  Since I never got to see them during the shows run at any of the comic cons or events, I felt this was my time to indulge.  It also coincided with Ken being out of town and Angela visiting.  But she offered to watch Sidney while I attended with Shannon who, I did not know until very recently, had seen the entire series and liked it.  Also accompanying us: Flat Stanley.

Overall, it's a great exhibit and such fun to see the props/costumes up close.  They also have several video stations set up rolling interviews of the creators and the actors about various topics regarding the series.  It gives a nice overview and pays homage to both series.  The panel was fun and while Bill Adama is a man of few words, Edward Olmos is not.  He did most of the talking.  But that's cool, he's quite accomplished.  I did get to ask a question of the panel which was "now that you worked on such an amazing project like BSG, how did/does it affect your future projects/work."  Kate Vernon admitted that sometimes, you just gotta pay the bills but at least they all had this amazing experience.  I tend to agree that there are moments in life where you know what you're doing won't be matched by another similar experience ever again.  I can only think of one other production of the caliber of the re-imagined BSG and that is the Lord of the Rings movies.

Something that bugged the s**t out of me during the panel was the presumptuous questions and behavior by some of the attendees.  This one guy started out his question with "I think I speak for everyone here..."  Dude, you don't speak for me so stop acting like you do.  You're in a room of 190 people (most of them you don't know) so just ask your question.  Second, hysterical girl who raised her hand with oh, oh, oh--like she's the teacher's pet answering history questions in 3rd grade. Then when she was called on she made a big production of wanting to ask two questions.  Lady, calm yourself.  Ask your *brief* questions and be seated.  I mean, yes, I was wearing a Frakking Magical Unicorn T-shirt but I know the rules.  Anyway, enjoy the pics from the new camera that excels in working under strained light conditions.  So say we all.

Flat Stanley went with us to the BSG Exhibition

Re-imagined BSG Galactica Model

Mark II Viper from Re-imagined BSG

The Red Dress

We saw people actually walking around in these suits...

David Bowie says to wear the eye patch.  

Starbuck's Dog Tags

Live Cylon Raider

In front of Apollo's Mark VII Viper

Back end of the Mark VII and a wide shot of part of the exhibit

Muffett the Daggett (robot dog) from the original BSG

Michael Hogan, Kate Vernon, Edward James Olmos, Richard Hatch

Ron Moore (writer/producer), Michael Hogan

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