Monday, October 18, 2010

Alan Wilder / Recoil / Favorite (Ex-)Depeche Moder @ The Triple Door


So we go to the Triple Door (Dinner & a Show venue where you sit down the entire time) to see my favorite former Depeche Mode keyboardist & arranger "play" his newer solo material. First thing to note is that there were two open Macs on a table, a huge screen behind them and no real musical instruments anywhere to be seen. But that doesn't matter. Electronic music is the current that runs through my soul and this show blew my mind. I felt a little sorry for Alan and his musical partner in crime because I think they are used to traditional music venues where everybody stands/dances and there is a frenetic energy that is generated which gives back to the performers. But in this venue, we'd clap, scream and raise our hands at song transitions then go back to eating our Seven Flavor Beef and Snow Peas. It was probably not optimum but it was SO intimate.

I loved being able to see the whole time and not having to get up on tip-toes like I usually have to do at a normal concert. From our seat we could see Alan's facial expressions so well and then--AND THEN--for the encore he motioned for people to stand up. People politely started doing that and then some even had the gall to walk to the front of the stage and (gasp) dance. I was one of them. I started at the back about 20 feet back and 4 rows of people deep. During Personal Jesus, I worked my way forward and danced at the stage like a teenager----and Alan almost touched my hand! I can die happy now. Great show. I was very pleasantly surprised and Ken was enjoying it too. So rad.

Oh and I didn't take any pictures because 1) I only had my crappy Android phone camera 2) I took cues from Ken and was fully in the moment, and oh, 3) I also got a signed program which has better pics than I could ever take. (Alan signed it before I bought it so I didn't get to talk to him.)

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