Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do you have a Rewards Card?

Tuesday I was in All The Best Pet Care on Market Street looking at kittens with Sidney and getting some cat treats.  We were one of two or three other customer groups in the store at the time.  As I'm ringing out, I spot a man on the far side of the store who looked like he just got out of bed and hadn't shaved for a few days.  And yet he looked oddly familiar...

I continued with my transaction as the woman who accompanied the gentleman was ringing out at the register next to me.  The salespeople were acting a little squirrelly.  I kept staring at bed head dude.

"Do you have a rewards card?" the cashier next to me asks the woman.
"Yes," she answered.
"What name would it be under?" the giddy cashier asked.
"Ashley Harper?" she offered.
"Hmm, not finding it.  Could it be under another name?" the cashier asked leadingly.

Oh I think, that guy looks just like Dave---

"How about Matthews?" Ashley offers.
"And first name would be?" the excited cashier asks.
"David--Dave," Ashley says exasperated and the cashier can't help but look a little proud of herself.  I stop staring at him and roll Sidney out the door.

Oh damn.  I even had my camera with me but notice my restraint.

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