Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Highlights of the 4th Year of Evidently...

In our first year as parents, the number of overall posts were down 35% but the number of posts about parenting were up 300%.

10/2009 New Parents Warning Label
10/2009 Suggested Items for New Parents
12/2009 New Mom Haze
1/2010 Exciting New Mom Activity: Grocery Store Opening
2/2010 Stay and Home Mom Conundrum
4/2010 Traveling with Spawn
5/2010 Croup
7/2010 Parenting Poetry
7/2010 Babyproofing
8/2010 Making a Case for Drive Thru
8/2010 The Precious 2 hours After Baby Bedtime
8/2010 First World Problem: Asian Baby Dolls
10/2010 New Mom Friends

The Road to Becoming Parents
3/2010 Fertility Journey

Nostalgia: College
12/2009 Party School (Penn State is a lot like WSU on a Football weekend)
8/2010 Letter to Marvin (Children of the Children of Murrow have words for Marvin)

11/23/09 Oliver & Sidney
6/27/10 Oliver’s Favorite “Watering Hole

1/28/10 Remembrance of Japanese Internment talk
3/2010 Thoughts on Twilight (Literary Criticism)
6/2010 Scenes from a Marriage

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