Sunday, July 01, 2007

Seattle hearts Flight of the Conchords

The Flight of the Conchords show in Seattle last night exceeded expectations. How amazing is it that a sold out crowd hung on every word of these 2 humbly funny Kiwi dudes with guitars? The fresh and unassuming banter between Jemaine and Bret is worth seeing by itself. In everything they do, they come across as guys you'd root for but more importantly, guys you'd like to be friends with.

Their minimalist presentation puts all the focus on their music, their quirky personalities and the relationship between the two guys. Since they are a duo and gaining more notoriety, they must have to spend an awful lot of time together. I sincerely hope they are pleased with the growing success and attention they are receiving. And I sincerely hope they like spending that much time with one another.

I think it was Bret who said that was the largest audience they'd ever played live to (2000+). Also they commented on the strangeness of the airport-runway-like lights lining the ceiling of McCaw Hall. Having never looked up in that venue, I have to agree--it is a little intimidating. At one point between songs, the guys decided they were too far back on stage and moved their equipment: mics, monitors, cords forward--only there wasn't enough cord so they played without the benefit of their monitors which was not ideal. Being that close to the edge of the stage also put them in front of the speakers for the audience which resulted in occasional funky feedback. Bret seem to fiddle with the microphone stand A LOT which made me think he was either nervous or truly having a problem with the stability of the stand.

They played my favorites: Business Time, I'm Not Crying, Beautiful Girl. My husband loved the Robot song/Humans Are Dead. I didn't keep track of their set list unfortunately. But I hope the HBO One Night Stand Show comes out on DVD-- the same feeling/intimacy from that show came across in person. I was hoping to hear the Hiphopapotamus v Rhymenocerous but they ended the show with Albie the Racist Dragon (not one of my favs). They did not get the opportunity to do an encore--because (I assume) with the 2 other opening acts and the whole show going 3 hours, they wanted to party before 'last call' which happens around 1:30am in this early to bed town.

Ah well. A great night to see these guys do their thing.

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kookie said...

Well, now I'm insanely jealous. I've been obsessed with these guys for about 2 weeks now. Seeing Jemaine sing 'Business Time' would just about make my whole year. 'She's so Hot (Boom)' is my second favorite song.