Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fourth of July: Smoke on the Water

Truly, is there any better way to spend 4th of July than on Lake Union in a sailboat with Karen, Court, Nadine, Lil B & Ken with gorgeous 84 degree Seattle weather, eating fruit and turkey franks? Not for this gal.

Other highlights of the day were teaching Nadine how to row the dingy, seeing Ken become a bona fide member of the "anchor team" (and I don't mean news) & witnessing a boat full of porno-destined chicky babes dancing around in bikini bottoms and pasties while being followed by boatloads of buzzed, horny men in speed boats. Yeah, just another day at the lake.

From my observations of being out on the boat several times with the Riches, the hardest thing to do is anchor, especially in close quarters with hundreds of other boats around. It usually takes several attempts to get your placement right so that you are secure but not drifting into your neighbor. I also learned yesterday that full chain anchors are more stable and need less length than chain-rope combinations. In our case, we had the chain-rope and even though the anchor team did a great job of setting anchor at 4pm, by 9:45 the wind shifted and we started to drift behind a much bigger boat so that we couldn't see the fireworks. At times we got so close that Court & Ken had to use poles to push off from the other boat. It was a constant struggle that started just as the fireworks show began. But for a good 70% of the time we could see and there is nothing like being there on the lake with the works of fire exploding overhead.

Also, when trying to take pictures of fireworks on the boat, it's never going to look right because with an open shutter, ever speck of light is going to look like electric sperm or tracers.

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This entry also marks my first foray into You Tube video posts. The following video was taken by me. Fireworks are better in person but they are still cool no matter what. Check out more fireworks videos on my video channel.

"Boxes Woohoo!"

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