Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gardening 101: The Beginning

Hey as long as we're talking about heat, let's talk about water. Particularly how much of it gets sprinkled on the vegetation surrounding our house, also known as "the gardens." You have to know that Ken and I are not gardeners. While we love the Earth and sometimes like to walk around in The Nature, we are well matched in our ambivalence about gardening. But our house came with a decent-sized yard that was fairly wild when we first got it.
Before #1: Before #2:

Pictures by Scott Tuzzolino of Gardenmakers NW

For two non-gardeners the untamed herb garden and crazy rock formations created as sense of mystery about the yard. Adding value were a beautiful Japanese Maple Tree and a Bay Leaf Tree that my mother b-lined to and admired upon her first visit. But an overgrown raspberry patch bordered the back fence and the neighbor's shrubs/weeds spilled over along a poorly defined property line. We had no idea what to do with the space or even where to start. Ken came to loathe the mowing and it was clear, we needed to consult a professional. And that we did... Tomorrow: details of the transformation.

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