Saturday, July 28, 2007

Birthday Laughs

Thursday, we and 10 of our favorite friends laughed into the night at Comedy Underground and celebrated Ken's birthday. They put us in a chained off area and it felt kinda cool to have a "chain" to keep out the riff-raff, but to our dismay, it initially deterred the roving drink waitress too. She served VERY expensive drinks, I might add.

But we were there to be entertained by some comedy. It started off a little shaky as we could tell the introducer or "comedy newbie" didn't quite have his timing right. It occurred to me that successful comedy is one part timing, one part story telling and one part confidence. Several other intermediate comedians hit the stage as we waited for the headliner Kermit Apio. (Yes, that's his actual name.) But one of the comedians stuck out not because of talent but because of sheer oddness. He/She was a transgender individual that feels the need to inflict his/her story on others by way of stand up comedy. Debatable whether it qualified as comedy because of the awkward shifting and looks of disbelief of the audience. But for all of the stories about how "icy" Seattlites are on the street or in crowds, its audiences are uber-tolerant and have an alarmingly high threshold for pain. I found his/her website. Aye.

The highlight and redemption of the show was Kermit himself. Immediately I sensed this was a performer who had polish, someone who is not only gifted at delivery but easy to relate to. The use of local humor was a bonus. In that way I do miss "Almost Live" and wish it was still on now that I live here and understand Seattle culture a bit better. (Check out this clip about Ballard Driving School.)

Anyway, I digress. After Kermit's outstanding performance, he let Ty Barnett, a finalist from Last Comic Standing, entertain us for a few minutes. He did this bit for us too....Hilarious!

After the show, we marched upstairs to the bar and had cupcakes from Morfey's Cake Shoppe.

Ken and I were commenting on the ride home and the next day how lucky we are to have such a great group of people in our lives. Sometimes it's hard to get together because everyone is busy living life but it is such a treat to have our favorite people together in one room. You never know what will happen.

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