Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's Frickin' Hot in Herre, Mr. Bigglesworth

Aye, it's damn hot. The Seattle Times said it hit as high as 98 degrees at the airport today. Earlier, I was inside a cool office building but now I am sitting in our brick oven, I mean house. Many of us in the western PNW are in denial about getting air conditioning because there is really only a span of 2-3 weeks that are hot enough to warrant it. So we hedge our bets and hope for a mild summer.

But it could be much worse...we could have unbearable humidity. I actually didn't know what humidity was until I was 16 and spent a blazing summer in Japan. I'd take a shower and couldn't even get dry. But mostly it's that heavy feeling of pressure bearing down on every body part exposed to the air. Breathing becomes difficult and my will to live decreases. Because I also suffer the occasional migraine, I have a theory that heat combined with humidity is a trigger for them. The humidity thickens the blood, the heat slows me down and the arteries in my brain start to get jammed up, thereby causing stunning auras and excruciating headaches. To battle this I take low dose aspirin in high-humidity situations. I had to do this last month when we were in Virginia. They also say hormones are a factor in migraines---delightful. I think it's obvious for this and thousands of other high-maintenance reasons, I could never be on Survivor.

Hot In Herre

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Sean said...

My recent three day trip to the backwaters of Southern Louisiana made me appreciate my new home in the Pacific Northwest.

It was still pretty sweltering here last night. Had to sleep with all the windows open and the fan on high. Of course, as it is still Seattle, by morning I was a bit chilled.