Sunday, March 04, 2007

Top 5 Details of our trip to Palm Springs

1. The Clown Car This is Le Clown Car that carried Ken, Dad and me all over the Palm Springs area. Notice it's attention-grabbing color and PT cruiser-like styling. But Le Clown Car is really the Chevrolet HHR. I have always felt American cars lack subtlety and here is a shiny example.

2. Exercise

Averaging 14,000 steps per day, we hiked, played ping-pong and tennis as well as worked out in the gym. Our first hike in the mountains around Palm Springs resulted in us having to come down into a private fenced yard which inspired Ken and me to jump the fence. We later found out that the gate wasn't finished so we could have walked around.

3. The Weather

Yes it was sunny and in the 70's. We heard Seattle had snow. That's too bad... The first day there it was extremely windy (landing was scary) but this wind farm indicated that they get enough to power the grid for the ever expanding population there. Hooray for renewable resources! But the dusty and dry conditions, reeked havoc on Eczema sufferers like Dad and myself, who had to keep applying tons of lotion to our flaky skin. For an organism composed of 60% water, the desert does not seem like a good place to live.

4. Joshua Tree Madness

During a quick stop, Ken enlightened us with an interpretive dance of the Joshua Tree. Did you know that while it was 74 degrees in Palm Springs, it was only 52 degrees up in Joshua Tree National Park? Guess who forgot long pants and coats? All of us. We toured this jewel of the National Park System with our seatbelts on.

5. Family time

Most importantly, I spent some quality time hanging out with these cool dudes--and no golfing involved either. I'm not saying it's completely pointless, but it kinda is. We also visited with Bev's aunt and uncle one evening. They told us about the "sex life of a date" (the kind you eat), but we didn't actually get to eat any so we'll order some.

All in all a good time, and now back to the real world.

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