Friday, March 09, 2007

Ira and the Magical Mystery Tour

One of the greatest programs on the airwaves today is the NPR jewel This American Life. I love TAL because it's respectful, unlike reality shows, insightful, unlike the news, and connective, unlike anything else. It's also touching, bold and smart. If you've never heard of this show, I encourage you to find it on your local NPR station and take a listen. In fact, listen to the March 17th show and you may hear Sean, Shannon, Ken and me laughing or clapping in the audience. That's right, Ira Glass and friends came through Seattle on Wednesday night during a six city tour--not only to dazzle us TAL junkies but to promote their new TV series on Showtime. This 12-year-old radio show gingerly makes its steps into the visual world on March 22nd. While a daunting and even sacrilegious thought to many of the hard-core listeners, the video previews indicate use of all the elements from the radio template: good story-telling, space for reflection, epiphanies and Ira.

Here is a preview of the new series.

Best of luck to Ira & the This American Life staff on the new series!

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