Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cougar Pride, go vote!

UPDATE: Wouldn't you know it, but they closed voting today.
The Columns March Vote was completed at noon on March 15th. At that time, the
vote was a tie, with 50 percent voting for the Huskies and 50 percent voting for
the Cougars. With more than one million votes, we have found that there have
been multiple votes cast from several unique computer addresses. Both Huskies
and Cougars have taken advantage of loopholes to cast multiple ballots.

How convenient of them to stop the poll when there was a 50/50 tie.


To my fellow WSU (Cougar) alumni, students, friends and blog readers....

It's fun to embarrass the Huskies. Go vote for the Cougs!!!!

Please go vote on the Coug vs. Husky Pride Survey that the UW (Husky) Alumni have going on on their site:

When it first came out, the Cougs were winning by 70% vs. 30%. This survey was featured in the Seattle Times a few days back.

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