Monday, March 19, 2007

Open letter to the Grey's Anatomy Writers

Dear Grey's Anatomy Writers:

Upon reading some of the comments on the Grey's Anatomy Writers Blog, you are starting to hear some overdue criticism from us loyal viewers. This formerly smart and interesting show has run amok due to sensationalism.

It *feels* like (creator) Shonda Rhimes is less involved now and the characters are gravitating away from 3D to 2D. Get back to the subtleties you were known for in Season 1 & 2--the touching stories, the medical/philosophical learnings--make us care about the characters again.
And by the way, you don't need a "Super Bowl episode" every week to sustain viewers. You just don't. The 3 episode "Ferry Crisis" could have been handled in 2 well-cut episodes. (Three eps was bloated and self-indulgent.)

Now, I know without the Meredith/Derek tension of Season 2, there's not that overriding anguish that makes drama so delicious but you don't have a comparable situation with the Izzie/Callie/George triangle. I think you need an intervention--get back to basics. Solicit ideas via a contest from the fans even, you might get some gems and give yourselves some perspective before you ruin my most favorite show on TV.


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