Monday, March 12, 2007

3 / 11 = 33 years

I celebrated my birthday yesterday, very low-key like. Ken gave me a Wii system and already it's racked up many hours of usage. I do love how the input devices are so intuitive and it's not such a "guy's console." I'm already addicted to the Tennis game & Warioware.

Some Girls Would Kill For It...Hampel & friends are at it again with the new Internet Drama series: Prom Queen. That's a great tag line. Certainly, I hope this one lives up to expectations. During Sam Has 7 Friends, I couldn't help but feel the 4 directors didn't exactly know who their audience was: women or fans of Quentin Tarantino. But I know the guys learned a lot and are busting their butts on this one. Best of luck on this production. The first show is available April 2nd. Check it out.
A USA Today article notes that project-sponsor Michael Eisner (former Disney CEO) "also expects the series to open a lot of people's eyes to the business potential of professional Internet entertainment." Amen, brother.

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