Saturday, June 30, 2012

34+ Weeks

Here we are in the final stretch. The doctor says I'm measuring 2 weeks ahead and then at the last visit, she said I was already dilated 1 cm and 90% effaced.  This kicked both Ken and I into gear to make sure we are ready (or as ready as we can be).  The doctor would like to see us get to 36 weeks at the minimum.  I've done some reading on the internet and evidently women can be even more dilated and effaced--and still not go into active labor which makes no sense.   But I think we're looking at a July baby here.  It adds a whole new unstable dimension to all the plans we have for July.  Oh and we're probably going to have a heat pump installed in the next week or two--because, why not?

Sidney is doing well with the immanence of sibling-hood.  We've prepared her the best we can and we often talk about what is going to happen.  Here are pictures from today of her playfully trying to "bite" my belly.  On one hand, I think she is excited and on the other, I don't think she really can grasp how her life will change forever once this baby is born.  Well I guess all I have to say to that is she changed our lives so completely and instantly--we're just repaying the favor.


Suzanne said...

Kali, I will keep you in our thoughts in hopes the baby stays put until 36 weeks! I am sure Sid will be a wonderful big sister. Asha loves her sister role and now I can't imagine life without Amaya and Asha. Lots of love from the Singlas .

Danny V. said...

Looking good, K! What is Sid saying to her bro? Good luck and keep strong. Stay away from trampolines and pogo sticks.

The Schlameus Family said...

Loved running into you today, and love these pics - I'll stalk your blog to stay tuned on baby's arrival and we'll get the 4 kids together as soon as you are ready for it. Good luck, like I said today - this home stretch (no pun intended) is the most tiring of it all!