Friday, October 21, 2011

Highlights of the 5th Year of Evidently...

Topics are all over the map for this roundup but in retrospect, it was a great year with lots of surprises and experiences. Splitting my time between Sidney's Blog, Evidently and filled up my writer's cup. But distractions like Facebook and Twitter proved too tempting for some of my more impulsive rants and splintered my focus a bit. I hope to work on that this year.

Issues & Current Events
4/2011 Financial Literacy Month: Resource Roundup (Info you can use)
4/2011 Living in one of the Whitest Cities (Portland & Seattle, #1 and #5)
9/2011 WDS Tries to Take Over the World (Dental Insurance coup d'etat)

Thoughts on Art & Entertainment
10/2010 Battlestar Galactica Exhibit @ EMP (BSG up close and personal)
4/2011 The Symphony (It has rules, even if you don’t know them)
10/2011 Music Recommendations (There are albums & there are ALBUMS)

Fame & the Famous
10/2010 Alan Wilder (Teenage Dreams and Techno music)
10/2010 Dave Matthews (Carry your rewards card to avoid detection)
1/2011 In Memoriam: Jack LaLanne (Inspirational but not much taller)
4/2011 Internet impersonation and insta-fame (Daily Show, my photo & lies)
9/2011 Radio Ga-ga (Parenting lessons by way of internet scam baiting)
9/2011 Ken written up in the Financial Times (Ken talks to the British)

Parenting Stuff
1/2011 Febrile Seizure (Scariest s**t ever)
6/2011 Immunize (I believe in science and so should you.  Yeah, I said it.)
9/2011 Favorite Toys for 2 year olds (Need gift ideas?)
9/2011 Yoga Momma (Best Mom-only activity)
9/2011 Domestic Enemies of Prius Mom (Mommyland represent!)
9/2011 HFM Disease (More catchy than Lady Gaga)

10/2010 Wenatchee (Scratchy Wenatchee--we love you)
10/2010 Flat Stanley (Have Stanley will travel)
5/2011 Ohio (Where “real” Americans live and my friend Anne)
6/2011 Victoria Part 1 & Part 2 (First time away from the child)
8/2011 Alberta Canada: Arrival, Banff, Orange Cup (Breathtaking)

Grab Bag
1/2011 New Roof part 1 & part 2 (And you thought tuck pointing was bad...)
6/2011 Embarrassing Personal Stories--Gifts (Making excuses)
7/2011 Angela & Jaime: Wedding & Honeymoon sendoff (Happily ever...)

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