Sunday, March 22, 2009

Guess what?

Remember that San Juan trip we took at the beginning of January? I did this test the day before we returned home. The time between then and now has taken FOREVER.
This is Sakai/Moore baby at 13 weeks. Thus far everything is going well. So last Thursday we went in for our ultrasound and while we were a little anxious at first, we soon settled into a wild show of our baby kicking and rolling and moving its arms up and down. It’s too small yet for me to feel it which is why I was so amazed by all that movement. It takes your breath away to see that baby on the monitor for the first time—when it’s happening to you (especially when we really had to work to become pregnant)—there is nothing more gratifying and wondrous. "The kid just doesn't want to be measured." --Back turned toward us with hand up to face. But when the tech went to do that measurement of the fluid at the back of the neck, the kid did not want to cooperate. Baby would not lay flat enough to get a good angle. The tech pushed on my abdomen, made me roll to one side, elevate my hips—nothing really worked. She was able to get a few readings and sort of averaged them and they all were normal. I think the whole thing was finally real to Ken, who could now see the reason why his petite wife has turned into a bloated, tired, belching, pasta-hungry, often nauseous and sometimes irritable harpy. Talking about it now (blogging about it!) just blows my mind because we’ve kept it so under wraps that sharing the news makes it all brand new again. Clearly anything can still happen at anytime—that is true about everything in life—but I think given our experiences over the last few years, I have developed a deeper appreciation for the moments we do have and the people who are present in our lives. Nothing is certain but moments of joy deserve to be shared.


Amy said...

What wise words Kali! Jason and I could not be happier for you two. What a blessing!!!

We waited to share our news too and it does seem all NEW and much, much more real. Wishing you nothing but the best!!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations - I am so thankful that the intelligent and wonderful people of the world are repopulating!!!
Love you!