Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Ides of March approaches

Writing a blog entry on my laptop in a coffee shop whilst sipping a hot beverage, I can't help feel like a Seattle cliche. But I don't usually do this. Ken has banished me from the house while he is preparing something for my birthday next week. However in my old age, I have become rather simple in my wants--if he only knew that the 2-disc Iron Man DVD would do just fine. As my friend Amy is known to say, "Looking at your Amazon wish list, you have the movie tastes of a 12-year-old boy." Yeah, I don't know where that comes from but I like me some comic superheros. Which reminds me, NOBODY tell me anything about Watchmen. We have to wait 2 weeks to see it due to some scheduling issues.

Lion King, the Musical
Not only do I like comic superheros but I like cartoons too. Not just any cartoons though, "animated movies" as they are now called. Pixar has pretty much locked in as my favorite production studio but Disney has done some great work too. One of my favorites is Lion King. I love the "Circle of Life" message, the African setting and the catchy songs. So when I heard that they made it into a musical back in 1998, I really thought it would be disastrous. I could not have been more wrong. It won a litany of awards and critical praise, though it wasn't until last week that we finally got around to it and attended the show here in Seattle with the Testas. It is by far the best musical I've ever seen. And for better or for worse, I've seen many of the Andrew Lloyd Webber productions, which in comparison buckle under their own indulgence and seem very "aged". Without giving anything away (because it is absolutely best that way), I encourage everyone to go see the Lion King musical. Truly amazing. I would also recommend Wicked, Avenue Q (adults only) and Spamalot.

Rat City Rollergirls
And now for something totally different. I tweeted about this last night when we were watching these roller-derbying "fierce bitches" tear up the flat track. I tell you what, it's what professional wrestling wishes it could be: spirited, athletic competition with the theatricality and drama of a good show. These girls/ladies are bruisers--no doubt about it--and their 4-team league here in Seattle competes monthly in Key Arena from February to October. They also have an all-star travel team. I was fairly ignorant of roller derby being that roller skating and any sport requiring rolling or sliding never really agreed with me. But I marvel at the skill and level of commitment required. It's also just novel to see grown women turn into wheeled warriors. There is a high level of athletic skill evident in some of them who are just excellent skaters and make it look easy. But there was a moment when the EMT's had to come out and attend an injured skater. Lucky for her/them, she could balance on the unhurt leg and they easily "rolled" her off the track. Sean & Shannon left between the 1st & 2nd bouts which is a shame because the 2nd bout was between the winners of last month's competition. Those 2 teams: Derby Liberation Front & Sprocket Wenches was amazing. These teams seemed more skilled and you could see the skaters coordinated their strategy. It was initially close in score and very exciting. In the comfort of Key Arena with the ability to drink beer while watching, it's a unique, rowdy and fairly inexpensive way to spend a Saturday night.

Trader Joe's Opens in Ballard
Within the same year, our humble community of Ballard will see the opening of 2 grocery chains: Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. For many (including me) this is a celebratory event. In addition to the already wonderful Ballard Market, we'll have new places that offer more organic and natural options at varying price ranges. Opening day coverage from this past Friday of TJ's on MyBallard Blog.
Whole Foods (in Interbay) is due to open in November. Ken rolls his eyes when I mention how I love Whole Foods. I can walk into that store and just look around and be completely content. Not too many places like that and it's not called "Whole Paycheck" for nothing.

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Unknown said...

Yay for recognizing the athleticism that goes into Roller Derby, as it is truly a demanding sport. I'm so glad you had fun at the bout; I can't wait to see Rat City in action for myself!

Sean's little sis,
Harriet Beecher Ass, #1852
Roc City Roller Derby