Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Birthday Surprise

My talented rapper-in-training husband surprised me with an amazing musical creation commemorating my birthday combined with the crazily popular "25 Things" Meme.

Download the MP3 HERE.
I was laughing my butt off. Great way to start this day.


Here are the lyrics:
"25 Things About Kali Sakai"

I want it. I want it.
I need it. I need it.
If you want the good stuff you gotta pay, BUT I'm gonna give it to you free today.

Gather round inquiring minds
I know whatchyall been seekin' online
I got what Facebook can't provide --
25 Things about Kali Sakai

Now lemme describe the little lady who stole my heart
From the start, she's light brown... with dark parts
Half Russian, half Italian, half Japanese
'N best is the half y'ain't allowed to see
She's into Wii Fit and yoga, yet...
She hardly works out 'cause she hates to sweat
She'll drop a cool G on some Nordstrom clothes
Then spend all her time in a terrycloth robe
Cute as a button, knows how to dance
You never woulda guessed but she's got implants
I'm talkin 'bout teeth, a million dollar smile,
And no she ain't rich, she's a dentist's child
With loads of personality, so much to love...
She'll make a great mom if I can knock her up
She got all the beauty without all the bling --
These are a few of the 25 things.

Gather round inquiring minds
I know whatchyall been seekin' online
I got what Google just can't find --
25 things about Kali Sakai

Now she's an intellectual and she loves to read
Celebrity gossip and the Twitter feeds
Dooce is her idol, that's favorite blog
It's the only frakking reason that she wants a dog,
To balance shit on its head and post the photo,
Capture every eyeball in North Dakota
On her own blog, is called Evidently
'F ya ain't readin' that you retarded mentally
'Cause she blogs about everything 'cludin' you,
And all the stupid stuff that our cat can do.
Cuts with a wit sharp as a knife, sometimes she gets deep (Is this real life?)
Sings Depeche Mode on the karaoke,
I gotta admit she sounds okey dokey.
She rocks at Rock Band when she drums and sings --
These are a few of the twenty five things.

Gather round inquiring minds
Lemme describe my love divine
I got the scoop, forget the grapevine --
25 Things about Kali Sakai

It doesn't take a whole lot to cause her offense,
A little cat pee sets off her sixth sense
And watch whatcha feed her or you'll make her sick --
She comes with a rider seven inches thick
NO onions NO mushrooms NO tomatoes NO prawns
NO WAY brussel sprouts the list goes on
NO lobster NO lamb -- no worries, no panic:
All you gotta KNOW's keep it or-GAN-ic!
She loves radio, movies and TV
She got the hots for Apollo and Legolas,
Steven Colbert and Ira Glass,
And last but not least she loves her man Ken,
Likes to play with his (Theremin)
That's 24 things, yeah I left one out -
It's for me to know and you to figure out ;)


Tracy said...

Ken is the best. Happy birthday sweetie. Hope you got Owen & Stella's message.

Amy said...

What a TREAT Kali.
You've got one talented man!!!!!