Thursday, March 26, 2009

Common Questions Asked After a Pregnancy Announcement

It's natural for people to ask certain questions once they know you are expecting a baby--I just didn't know how predictable. Here are the 5 most common questions I've been asked.

1. When are we due?
End of September. That's as specific as I'm going to get. We've watched our neighbors who let folks know they were due March 15th (and as of this writing have still not delivered)--you would not believe all the daily comments on Facebook from their friends asking, "Is the baby here yet?" Um, don't you think there would be some major status update with pictures? So best to avoid that level of inquiry.

2. Are we going to find out the gender before it's born?
No. Call us hippies or old fashioned but Ken felt very strongly about having this one thing left as a surprise until the day it's delivered. I could have gone either way because if you know me, I'm a planner. But I can roll with it and there is enough sage, yellow, white and brown baby stuff to decorate with.

3. Do you have names?
Sort of. But we aren't telling. One reason is that Ken was supposed to be a "Ricky" but a pregnant neighbor took that name for her own son a few weeks prior to Ken's birth, knowing full well that Ken's mom wanted to use it. What I'm really sensitive to is people's gut-reactions to names. Feedback like, "Oh I dated/went to school with/had a restraining order against a (proposed name of child) so that's not a good name." It's hard enough to name a human who will grow up and be forever shaped by how easy/difficult it is to pronounce, where it falls in the alphabet, whether it gets shortened to a nickname or whether they were part of a naming fad. So that's staying under wraps until delivery day too.

4. Any cravings?
Wanting more sleep (but that's not what you mean). First trimester has included: pasta with white sauce, cheese, grapefruit, diluted cranberry juice, peas, wedge cut oranges and organic gummy bears. Aversions? Anything that smells the slightest bit off, doughnuts, garlicky things, steak and broccoli. Of all things, broccoli--one of my favorite vegetables. Well I only eat 7 vegetables anyway so that's a major loss. I still force myself to eat it but can't get excited about it like I once did.

5. Are you going back to work after baby is born?
All options are on the table.


Capn said...

...and the minute your first baby is born, people will ask you "When's the next one?"

- what the hell is the matter with people? Are we all so vapid that the questions in life are:

-what grade are you?
-when are you getting married?
-when are you getting pregnant?
-when's the next one?
-what grade is your kid in?
-when are they getting married
-goto 10

Ian said...

I can't believe I lost the taste for hummus while pregnant - Trader Joe's hummus was a dietary staple and I just couldn't stand it. It's back now - yay!

Ian said...

Also - I HIGHLY recommend the Beaba Babycook ($150 at Williams Sonoma or Amazon) to get over the vegetable hurdle. I wish I'd had this during my extended "I'm only eating bread/pasta/white food" phase. It's a fantastic little machine enabling you can easily steam and then puree vegetables and then "hide" them in your pasta white sauce. Brilliant. Intended to make your own baby food but I think it's perfect for mama food too :)