Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weekly Roundup: Compounding is not Always Positive

We've got a lot to cover to let's get to it. Rear-ender First off, Tuesday night coming home from Designed Dinners, I was rear-ended on 520 westbound. I had stopped quickly in reaction to a truck that had stopped in front of me and the guy behind me attempted to stop but still hit me at 15-20 mph. Now I know some roller coasters/amusement park rides are probably more dynamically aggressive than that impact. But I was shaking from the shock of it all when I got out of the car to exchange information. The dude who hit me was actually the nicest guy which was such a relief. We had pulled off at the Roanoke exit onto a side street. As we were just about to leave, the cops showed up and were completely worthless. They didn't even write a report but just made sure we exchanged information and got us on our way. But not before scolding me for pulling over on the street as opposed to a nearby dark parking lot which I didn't even know was there. I wanted to say: Um, excuse me, but I didn't know if this guy who hit me was a harmless, nice guy or a psycho killer. So I'm not going to be pulling into an area where I can't be seen, ok? But thanks for all your help, Mr. Policeman. The really spooky thing is that just prior to getting on to 520 I drove by a horrific roll-over accident on 23rd. The way the police had funneled traffic, I went right by the car resting on it's roof with all the windows smashed in. I don't know if that laid any groundwork for what happened to me minutes later but I remember thinking, "wow crazy drivers out tonight". Do you ever notice times like that where no one is driving well and it's sort of a free for all? It's like the moon is full or something. So I am ok though my neck and back are tight, my right leg/hip that were tensed on the brake are sore, my jaw hurts (TMJ whiplash--dad says) and I am having some minor headaches. That night we went to Swedish Ballard, an ER I had not spent any time in yet, and they checked me out and deemed my own bodily injuries consistent with this type of an accident. I saw my naturopathic chiropractor the next day and she will be working up a regimen for me. I was advised to rest (no work) at least for Wednesday & Thursday which I did and now I feel good enough to go to work tomorrow. Our car's rear bumper has been imprinted with the license plate of the guy who hit me--which is kinda funny in an Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark sort of way. The car is still completely drivable (obviously). Today, the Geico adjuster said it's about $600-700 worth of damage. But believe me when I tell you how frustrated I am with the timing of this accident. Among all the things going on at home with the remodel, at work and with other "stuff", this is the lamest of timing. Not that it's ever convenient to be in a car accident but you know what I mean. But I have the sweetest family and friends who have been emailing and calling with well wishes and offers of assistance since this happened and I really appreciate it. Thank you everyone. Kitchen Remodel, the continuing saga In remodeling news, we are inching ever closer to the goal of having a functional kitchen again. But the charmed schedule that we have been enjoying hit a wrinkle since next week the counter isn't coming on Monday as expected but instead on Tues or Wed. This throws off the tile install, final plumbing trim out and electrical trim out. Aye. But we're delighted with the progress of this week...The final floor went in: The appliances went in though they are not electrified: And all woodwork should be finalized by tomorrow: Props to my Man Somehow this didn't get posted last week but I wanted to send some love out to my main man Ken, who totally surprised me for my birthday and made/painted a brand new flower box. He had to sneak over to Mike & Georgie's house (our neighbors) and construct this in their garage because I was always around and never left the house for very long. I don't make it easy, Ken says. So as soon as all the cardboard and remodel crap is out of the garage this weekend, I will find my flower seeds and plant them in my new box. I fully intend to take it easy this weekend, maybe see that "Horton Who" movie. Because that's about all I can handle. It's been one hell of a week. (I wanted entitle this blog "Daddy's Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car" after the U2 song, but that's a little too flip even for me.)

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