Sunday, March 09, 2008

Big Week Ahead

This coming week we are looking forward to the greatest amount of progress in the on-going saga of Kitchen Remodel 2008.

I have confirmed that we will be receiving cabinets tomorrow--a day earlier than promised. Can you believe it? Bright and early too (7:30am) so Ken has already made a temporary space to store them in the garage. The floor will also be going in which is a welcome relief to the dirty slats we find ourselves with now.

But the cabinets will spend little over 24 hours in the garage because on Tuesday & Wednesday the cabinet installers will work their magic. We will begin to see our new kitchen take shape! On Thursday the Caesarstone counter template is made. Lots of measurements are taken for an exact fit on top of the installed cabinets and to fit our overmount sink. Once that is done we have to wait 2 weeks or so for the Quartz composite slabs to be ready and installed.

Friday we're going to try painting--again. What happened was that the plaster guy came in at the beginning of last week and did a fabulous job on the ceiling but didn't quite get all the wall areas we needed. When the painters came in mid-week, the plaster was also not dry so they happily patched the areas we needed and pushed out the actual painting to this week. Our walls will soon be Miller Paint's Kettlecorn yellow (#0874).

(Blogger is having a problem and won't let me upload pics today.) You're just going to have to imagine all the pieces of plaster, old nails, bits of wood, dust and general rubble have accumulated along the walls and between board slats in the kitchen. I am so grateful the floor guy is coming with a shop vac tomorrow. Oliver seems to love tracking dirt/dust into other parts of the house. He's so helpful that way. You'd think a cat would be fastidious about being clean but no.

In other news, we just finished watching the first season of Heroes on Netflix. It really is as good as people say it is. And it's been a nice distraction while my normal shows have been side-lined by the strike. I guess we better queue up Heroes Season 2 now.

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