Sunday, March 16, 2008

Birthday roadtrip

Taking a much needed break from the kitchen construction, Ken and I journeyed south this past weekend to Vancouver/Portland to see my parents, Austin, Angela, Sue, Bev and Burgerville*.

I had a wonderful time celebrating my birthday with the family. We ate at this cool place in the Fremont district of Portland called Tabla. We did a sampling of dishes family-style and everything was amazing. (Thank you Maria for the recommendation!) As with any time my cousin, brother and I are together, hilarity ensues. And we laugh often, loudly and for no reason. It's great.

Also notable this weekend, I handlily beat Bev in Heck (a highly competative multi-player solitaire game). That never happens so it's noteworthy and going on the blog. I also got to eat at Pig 'n Pancake with Sue this morning though I personally ate neither pig nor pancake whilst there (instead had eggs & an english muffin).

Overall, it was an awesome time.

*Burgerville is "where you go when you know." Because truly when you realize they have the best tasting burgers in all of the PNW, you don't ever go to any other burger places EVER again. And if you don't live near one like we don't, you count the days until you can have another Burgerville experience. I'm not kidding--ask Suzanne. The only other potential rival for best burger in the world might be In-n-Out Burger down in the SW United States but as you can imagine the frequency with which I make it down there for a burger is much less.

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