Saturday, March 01, 2008

Weekend Progress

It's the second weekend of the Moore/Sakai 2008 Kitchen Remodel and might I say the current state of limitation, dust and clutter is just beginning to get a bit trying. Sometimes I just want to use an oven and a few burners at one time and not have to wash the dishes in the bathtub. But it'll be over soon and worth it, I know... Progress? Yes, we have some of that. Over the weekend our floor guy removed not only the very ugly yellowed vinyl tiles but also the next layer, leaving us with just the sub floor. We don't get a new floor until the week of March 10th which is okay because in this coming week we are looking forward to plaster wall repair and painting. But now you dare not walk through the kitchen to the downstairs or vice versa without shoes. Since we are general contracting this project ourselves, the schedule is squarely our responsibility. What is interesting in a 12-15 step remodel like this is (a) how pivotal the order of the vendors is and (b) some of the tidbits of detailed knowledge that come to light at the last minute which save us from making major mistakes. Such as needing an electrical inspection so we don't have to back track and rip stuff out. Or having the electrician follow the plumber in the final installs so that the disposal & dishwasher can be tested once they are hooked up to power. Or that replacing the floor means not just the vinyl tiles but the 1" layer of wood it's attached to. My greatest fear is that possibly, perhaps, maybe in the week of the 10th, the cabinets will not be delivered when they've been promised. The manufacturer and distributor have said nothing of the sort but almost everyone we've talked to bemoans the cruelty of not getting cabinets when they were promised. And we've based the timing of all the other vendors upon this delivery date. So we are thinking really positive thoughts right now that all will be well.
"Seriously, what is all this noise and mess about?"
"I got your snips right here..." Ken shows his HVAC handwork by sealing off a heat vent which will soon be blocked by cabinets.
The kitchen now minus the floor.

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