Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcoming 2008

The Armstrongs hosted a lovely & intimate New Year's Eve last night with nibbles and games aplenty. With both the Wii and Xbox going in separate rooms, there was no shortage on diversions. The best part was the Rock Band Game that Scott had on the Xbox. Here's Scott rocking the drums: Our hosts made throwing an interactive party look so easy. They decorated and gave us all fun hats to wear. Ms. Jamie says she is feeling great and looks terrific. These two will be looking a bit more tired in 6 months when their baby arrives but for now, partying past midnight is no problem. Ken & I got to catch up and jam out with Darcie and Yosef. Here I think we're performing "Say It Ain't So" by Weezer. It's one of my favs that we also have on the home karaoke machine. Yosef reacts when he (and rest of us) realize that something's amiss with the Space Needle Fireworks... View of the fireworks once they got going via the Armstrong's *sweet* HD TV. Rocking out Faith No More's "Epic". A long Boston song to close out the evening with a little air-guitar performance for flair. Thanks to the Armstrongs and their guests for a fun and memorable evening.


Susan said...

I thought I'd pop past and take a look at other children's writers blogs. It looks like your New Year was great fun. I love the cat. I have two. One nine and a new manic kitten. What children's writing do you do?

LORMO said...

Oh my god.

I gotta get this too!

You guys know how to party!