Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Oliver (& Us): Transfixed

You probably think we are insane to encourage our cat to watch TV but I tell you, this Video Catnip DVD seems to capture Oliver's imagination like nothing else we've seen. (That is, if cats have an imagination) We decided to test his concentration. Impressive. He's getting to the point where he may well start pushing buttons on the receiver. They put a warning on the DVD that cats have jumped onto TVs or tried to get inside televisions looking for the stars of the video. So now I make sure to close the cabinet when we are not using it. We try to be responsible cat parents and limit his DVD watching to 15-20 minutes a day. But an odd side-effect of this DVD is that he will sit and watch our TV shows as well. He probably hopes to glimse a juicy bird or squirrel. But he must be kicking himself inside because up to now, he would just stare at us when we watched TV ignoring the magic movie box. To think what he was missing...


Tracy said...

That is too cruel! I love it.

LORMO said...

Oh my god! So awesome.

I gotta get this for our new kitten.

He already loves tv!