Monday, January 21, 2008

Boating in Mid-January in Seattle

A few weeks ago Sean & Shannon let us know of their plan to go out on Sean's Dad's boat to help show Tamara, a guest from Australia, how us Seattlites kick-it up here in the PNW. The goal was to show her the Locks, the lakes and the city from the water. But honestly, the idea of being on a boat in the middle of January made me shiver with anticipation due to the cold snap we've been having lately. But we hoped for the best.. So imagine our delight yesterday as we were greeted by the most beautiful day. We actually got to see the sun! It was fantastic--granted the temperature wasn't much over 40 degrees--but traversing the waterways on such a glorous day, good times. (See, it doesn't always rain here.) I'd also forgotten the boat has a heated full-sized enclosed cabin so that too was a very pleasant surprise. On this 3-hour cruise, we can loosely assign roles: Ron (Sean's Dad): The Skipper Sean: Gilligan Shannon: Mary Anne Tamara: Ginger Ken: The Professor Me: Mrs. Howell...Because I'm about as useful as she would be on a boat. Going through the Ballard Locks was a trip. With the level of Lakes Washington & Union being higher than that of Elliott Bay/Puget Sound, the Locks play an important role in making sure the water levels are maintained. Boats pass through this Army Corps of Engineers Managed Area 24-hours a day. I'm sure the folks who are running the Locks see a lot of crazy things and pure stupidity on the part of boaters. So I guess we shouldn't have been surprised when they were kinda rude to Ken when he asked an innocent question. But still...
As you can see we have some very good-looking deck hands...

A.K.A. Bumper Girl

A structure I use daily but never seen from this angle. Seems like it's always going up when I'm late or in a hurry.

Ken & I clowning around with perspective...

Many thanks to the Testas for a day of good eats, good company and good fun. Full Album Here:

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ruby said...

Looks like a great outing.
I especially liked the part where you named all the characters in your 3 hour tour. Made me laugh
Mrs. Howell...yes!