Thursday, January 31, 2008

Don't buy these

This morning I had to make my own oatmeal because Ken is off snow-boarding with his co-workers for a morale event. When he's here, he makes very good oatmeal with the steel-cut oats and cinnamon and flax seed and raisins. But today I decided to make myself an especially big batch so that I could have some again tomorrow. After cooking the oats, I grabbed a handful of raisins and plopped them into the pan. As I moved the raisin container, I spilled it all over the stove. ****! But then I noticed several beetle-like creatures moving on the stove top. My first thought was that the beetles had just been there on the stove (though I hadn't noticed them before) and I spilled the raisins on top of them. So I took the remainder of the raisins and dump them into a glass lid so I could inspect them. Well as you probably guessed, these little beetles were "raisin stowaways". I left the kitchen in utter disgust after dumping the raisins straight into the garbage. But there is still a huge pot of cooked oatmeal with beetle raisins on the stove and while I will not eat it, I can't bring myself to throw it away. Do you realize had I not spilled the raisins, I would not have known the evil the lurched in my breakfast? It really makes you think.

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